Turkish hospitality
is in the details

Inspiring from Antiquity

Located in the Ancient Side, just in near of the Apollo Temple, the premises are also surprising due to their design. Respect for the history and legacy of the Mediterranean are the inspiration and antiquity is the common theme marking the interior. In short, surprisingly Mediterranean premises, with an intimate and welcoming manner, and creative cuisine designed to “Liman”.

Welcome Liman

You will be spoiled by the calm environment and with every breath you take, you will absorb the atmosphere of the surrounding ancient Side and sea.


From Famous Chefs

Liman brings incredible blends of various cuisines in Side. The restaurant offers fine dining with a blended cultural theme of modern world cuisine.

Good Food and Great Vibes

Passion and professionality in the planning of the menu ideas and the special attention given to the details in our dishes.

Side Nights starts here

Feel The Night

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music with our night entertainment concept.